Tyson Fury Pranks Litterers in Morecambe!

9th March 2023

As part of the promotion for his newly released FUROCITY energy gum, the WBC heavyweight world champion used a loudspeaker to call out those he saw dropping gum on the floor.

We were delighted to team up with Tyson as he pranked litterers in Morecambe from our empty shop unit on Euston Road.

Tyson unveiled bins in Morecambe that replicated his head. He then hid away and watched on cameras as people littered nearby. The Gypsy King utilised his loudspeaker to shout at people dropping litter and get them to pick it up. Fans were delighted as he popped out of our shop unit to reward anyone who did use the bin!

Tyson said, “People just need to stop being dossers and spitting their gum on the ground, you can’t walk anywhere without passing some on the street That’s why my head was there for them to lob it in instead.”