Sustainability at Arndale Morecambe Bay

3rd March 2022

Here at the Arndale Centre we are committed to sustainability and reducing our impact on the environment. In order to continue to reduce our carbon footprint;

  • We recycled 11 tonnes of cardboard in 2021, which is the equivalent of 187 trees, and we are increasing our waste recycling from March 2022.
  • We send zero waste to landfill.
  • We have installed LED lighting throughout the mall and we also have plans to extend this to the back areas of the Centre.
  • We no longer use gas to heat the mall.
  • We monitor our water consumption to reduce it where possible and provide for early detection of leaks.

Our retailers are also dedicated to reducing their environmental impact and here are just some examples of the many ways they do this;

  • Our charity shops include St John’s Hospice Furniture and £1 shop, The Salvation Army and Sue Ryder shops. Aiming to reuse rather than recycle is one of the key ways in which we can each reduce our carbon footprint, and we support charitable causes as we shop. Win, win!
  • Next to the Pharmacy counter in Boots, you will find a handy recycling point for your beauty, health and wellness empties. Bottles and tubes from all brands are accepted and you will be rewarded with advantage card points when you recycle. Boots will also track how many empties you bring back so you can see the positive impact you are making on the planet!
  • In February 2021, Greggs launched “The Greggs Pledge” outlining 10 ways they will become more sustainable by 2025, including using 100% renewable energy. To find out more about the pledge follow this link:
  • Poundland are committed to sustainability and already recycle all of their waste paper and packaging. They are focussing on four key areas; using less electricity; maximising recycling opportunities; improving fuel efficiency; and reducing packaging waste.
  • The “Meltdown Campaign” at Burger King has saved an estimated 320 tonnes of single use plastic in one year. The initiative saw the removal of toys from King Junior Meals as well as amnesty bins where customers were encouraged to donate plastic toys to be repurposed into everyday restaurant items such as play areas and trays. To read more follow the link;
  • The Works have a recycling point for your used batteries. Bring small used batteries in to the collection point and they will be taken away and sorted for recycling. Sorting used batteries into their chemical type means that more batteries can be recycled into items such as metal plates and electronics.

Thank you for continuing to support us whilst we make all the changes we can to strive towards a more sustainable future. If you have any suggestions on how we can improve or just want to tell us about your experiences here then please complete our feedback form.