Quiet Hours

20th May 2021


We recognise that some of our shoppers struggle with the hustle, bustle and noise that a busy shopping centre can generate. To support these shoppers, some of whom would prefer to shop in quieter and calmer surroundings, and others who have autism or dementia, we are introducing weekly quiet hours which will help to create a more relaxing and enjoyable shopping experience for all, by providing customers with a break from the sensory overload.

The quiet hours will take place each week on Tuesday and Thursday mornings between 9am and 10am*, and during these times Centre Management will:

  • Dim the lights
  • Turn music off
  • Unplug the Kiddie Rides
  • Avoid making tannoy announcements
  • Avoid scheduling any noise making activity
  • Publicise to our shoppers the Quiet Hours

The first of our new quiet hours will be on Tuesday 25th May.

*Please note not all retailers can participate.